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Land Clearing 

  • Marking and fencing protective areas
  • Removing existing buildings and structures
  • Clearing all trees, shrubs and vegetation
  • Grubbing and removing stumps
  • Filling in holes and grading the land

Land Clearing is the process of clearing away all wastes – usually solid materials after works related to construction or demolition have been done. 

At times like these, you need the services of a highly competent and trained team to take care of all your cleaning tasks. Failing to do so within time will not just prove to be greatly inconvenient for you, but will also make sure to delay your other building-related tasks, which is something that you will never want for sure!  WI can assure you that there will not be another day full of worry and frustration for you concerning your leftover mess. 

The Express Hauling and Demolition group has a team of expertly trained individuals who know how, when, and where to take care of everything. Their presence will be enough to relax you and you can easily chill while they take care of this land-clearing job for you. 

We make construction and demolition work seem less complex and easy for you. Everything is managed by our team and you can be assured that they do a really good job when it comes to that!

Our professional team will take care of your land-clearing problem in such a way that in no time, you will be left with no demolition or construction mess behind. Everything will be accomplished perfectly and the results will be enough for us to win over your trust for a long time! 

Everything would have been taken care of in the best possible manner, along with another happy customer.

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