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Expert Tree Removal Service for Summerville SC and Surrounding Areas

Complete Tree Removal Service:

Need a licensed and insured tree removal expert located in Summerville, SC?  Look no further, Express Hauling and Demolition can help with all of your tree removal needs.

Express Hauling and Demolition is equipped with some of the latest equipment to help you uproot and remove those trees out of the way conveniently and without leaving any mess or stumps behind!

Post-Storm Damage Tree Removal:

Hurricanes or windstorms can prove to be very destructive on your property, especially if they end up damaging your trees. With trees getting damaged or uprooted, there is almost nothing that you can do – they are huge, and moving them could require intense energy and work.

With Express Hauling and Demolition, consider this job done in no time. We make sure to complete our task ensuring maximum progress and maintenance work to be completed within the given timeframe.

Tree Pruning and Removal:

Express Hauling and Demolition can take care of tree pruning tasks for you as well. We provide tree pruning services when the weather calls for it. With our timely pruning services, your trees will look beautiful.

Stump Removal and Grinding:

Sometimes when you have just moved into a new house or given your garden or backyard a much-needed renovation, you often encounter things such as unwanted tree stumps. Tree stumps prove to be of great inconvenience. Express Hauling and Demolition will remove the tree stumps for you.  Our experienced teams and top-of-the-line equipment will have your stump removed in no time at all.

Contact our team to have your tree removed today!

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